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High gasoline prices have made wondering country roads looking for "finds" prohibitively expensive.  To cope, many dealers are taking their antiques to big summer shows that offer one-stop shopping, and Allegan is one of the Best Places To Be.

Kalamazoo Gazette


Allegan is one of the top ten indoor/outdoor antique shows in America.

Antiques Magazine (National Publication)


One of the finest shows in the Great Lakes area.  A friendly staff who take care of things quickly and professionally.

Auction Exchange


One of Michigan's most scenic fairgrounds - large oak and walnut trees - Allegan dealers speak of ideal conditions and paying customers.  Dealers state [that] this show lives up to it's billing; We have returned for years.

        "Allegan is tops" - "A sellout crowd"

        "I travel 600 miles" - "Strong sales"

        "Huge shade trees - paved walks"

Antique Week


Some antique markets have reported sagging sales and lower dealer count, but Allegan presented a full complement of dealers with many reports of good sales.

Antique Trader

We talked to dealers from four different states.  They said:

 "Allegan is a hot spot for sales. This show has been terrific!"

Auction Exchange


At the Allegan Antiques Market, hordes of hopeful antique hunters get a blissful day among one of the biggest selections of antiques to be found.  It's a good show for all concerned.  Patrons leave happier and dealers leave richer.

The Grand Rapids Press


This market draws visitors from across the country:

Holland Sentinel


Dealer quotes:






























Kalamazoo Gazette, Arts and Entertainment Feature, Sunday August 20, 2000